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City Finances. The Social Secretary of Labor and Subjects speech of the march of the economy and the work. He leaves your commentaries…
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The Social Secretary of Labor and Subjects speech of the march of the economy and the work


The Social Secretary of Labor and Subjects speech of the march of the economy and the work


The economy has entered completely the electoral debate. The Popular Party announces that we entered one serious economic crisis, the Socialist Party indicates that problems exist but that cannot be spoken of which economic recession exists. Jesus Boiler, Social Subject and Secretary of Labor and coordinator and person in charge of the electoral program of the Socialist Party has spoken for the microphones of the Chain To be and these have been the fundamental ideas of their intervention in economic matter:

- In the conciliation of the labor and familiar life one has advanced enough in this legislature through the equality law that now it must begin to provide effects because it is developed through the collective negotiation and of the plans of equality of the companies. The worker must right to request to his company the adaptation of his schedule to the familiar needs if he does not harm the company and this point through the collective negotiation can help to approach us a greater more and more clear adjustment to the European schedules, that is to say, that it is possible to be left before the work to be able to take care of the familiar needs better.

- It is not possible to be spoken of economic crisis. Economic noncrisis are problems but. An economic recession is the situation in which in two trimesters as minimum a fall of the Gross Inner Product takes place. Spain is growing over 3% and it is going away to continue growing over the European average. It has been created 3 million use and I number of unemployed has lowered in 400.000 people. He is compatible to create job with moderate increases of the rate of unemployed because what it happens it is that you are not able to absorb all the people who need work.

- By exogenous causes, outer; the American crisis, the ascent of the prices of the energy, the economic growth is becoming moderate, but use is not being destroyed, in December, in spite of the increase of unemployment, has been created use in Spain. In Social Security there are 560,000 affiliates more in the 2007, of which 200,000 correspond to the sanitary sector and social services, which means that the dependancy law begins to generate use in important amounts. The model of economic growth of a more sustainable way is modifying.

- In the sector of the construction 50,000 uses are had on another's account lost but 40,000 in the regime of independent have gained. To it has contributed the statute that improves the situation of the independent workers and it gives to major confidence them. The result is light a lost one of 10,000 occupied in the sector of the construction. The industry has reclaimed 50,000 workers, in 2007 and in the works social and sanitary it is arrived at 200,000 new affiliates, that will continue increasing as the dependancy law is consolidated. It is possible that there is a moderation or more destruction of use in the sector of the construction and will work so that is absorbed by other sectors of activity.



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The Social Secretary of Labor and Subjects speech of the march of the economy and the work
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