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It knows what is the GIP

(Gross Inner Product)


    The GIP is an indicator that tries to measure the wealth generated by a country during a year or a period of certain study. The 1 of January can begin from zero to enter the goods and services produced in that country, and the 31 of December to stop to enter. It is necessary to have present that to the GIP, trying to use it like indicator of economic growth or development, escapes important data to him, like:

- The goods and services generated by the submerged economies, understanding these like the interchange of goods that is not registered, that is to say, are not known by the institutions reason why the state remains outside its control and they cannot be entered. For example if a plumber carries out “extra” tasks, without legal invoice, outside his company, at particular level and it receives money for this reason, this being realized an economic transaction but it is not registered and the S-state other people's to its control.

- the GIP either does not measure the natural resources of a country, its hospitals, schools, the state of its environment, that by certain productive activities can considerablmente be harmed, etc. a country can operate its natural resources excessively, can increase its GIP, but in fact less wealth to the future generations is exhausting its country leaving. Therefore estariamos before a growth sustained in that positive rates of growth would be obtained, but it would not be a sustainable growth, because the future generations would be with a exhausted country. The problem is that the GIP does not distinguish between sustained growth and the sustainable growth that would be the ideal. Also a country can be prevailed by a policy that explodes excessively to its workers, feeling these little well-being although the GIP reaches great numbers.

- the GIP of a country is other people's to if the distribution of the growth between its inhabitants is equitable or no. a country can have the high GIP, but the wealth only can be of a few, to the detriment of many. It will not be possible to be said then that country enjoys a great well-being then is no an suitable distribution of the growth and so there is no a generalized increase of the standard of life of that country.

- The external indebtedness. A country can ask for loans abroad consiguiento in a period of study to increase thus its GIP, although in later periods of study of the GIP this it will fall.

- the GIP does not measure nonrenumerados works carried out by Organizations without profit spirit, volunteers, the immense work carried out by people who dedicate themselves exclusively to the care of their home, the money received for pensions… and really all those activities that generate well-being but to being economic transactions in which it takes place an interchange of goods is not entered in the GIP.

For all some reasons one says that the GIP “tries” to measure the growth, the development or the wealth generated by a country during a period of study; it measures it, but considering some shadings. But we go to its detailed study.

    The GIP of a country is defined as the sum of all the goods and services with final character that have been produced in this country during a year by nationals or resident foreigners in that country.

    We are going to define the words indicated in bold for one better understanding.

    Goods and services: car, washing machine, food, the visit to the dentist, magazine, computer…

    With final character: We imagine that the lights of a car cost 200 Euros, and that same car costs 16,000 Euros. The lights will not be included in the GIP, because it is the car (well with final character) the one that is included in the GIP and in its price already the value of the lights is entered.

    Nationals or by resident foreigners. The goods and services produced by the people would be entered who reside in the country, is national or foreign, but not generated them by a person who is of the country at issue but that she lives abroad.

    Produced during a year: If a new van is sold, in that year its price in the GIP will be included, when the proprietor the bandage another year, will not be included the price of the second sale in the GIP of that year, because it is a good that already entered the year of his first sale.

    We can understand the GIP from two points of view:

                a) The GIP like magnitude of flow of expenses.

                b) The GIP like magnitude of flow of rents.


The GIP Like magnitude of flow of expenses.

    This formulates would be it: THE GIP = C + I + G + X - I


    C (Consumption): they would be the goods and services that have been produced and consumed by the residents of that country during a year.

    I (Investment): they would be those goods and services that the companies incorporate to their companies to remove started off to them and to obtain benefits with them, that is to say, to invest; for example to introduce new machinery.

    G (Cost): we speak of the money that the Administration spends publishes, for example the pays of the civil servants, the cost in material for its suitable operation, to construct new schools, etc.

    X (Exports): Goods and services sold to the foreigner.

    I (Imports): Goods and services bought to the foreigner.


The GIP like magnitude of flow of rents.

    Here we indicted the rents generated during a year. His it formulates would be the following one:

    The GIP = Wages. (RA) + Rents + Intereses + (You – Sub) + Depreciation. + Benefits.


    RA (Renumeraciones to the employees). The pay of the workers.

    Rents + Intereses: The gains obtained by the proprietors of goods with its loan.

     (You - Sub): The amounts that the Be in favor of taxes except the offered subsidies receives.

    Depreciation: The offered rent to compensate to the companies by the wearing down of used products.

    Benefits: remuneration secured by the owners of the companies.


The real the nominal GIP and GIP

    The nominal GIP is the sum of the amounts of the produced final goods and services in a country during a certain period of time. Until now nothing new, but we compared the nominal GIP of a year with the nominal GIP of another year in a same country, the existing variations could not be due to a growth or a diminution of the GIP to exist a variation of the prices. Here the real GIP enters game, that would be the sum of the amounts of the produced final goods and services in a country during a certain period of time to constant prices. The real GIP clears the variation of the prices.

    The real GIP is equal to the nominal GIP divided by the deflactor of the GIP, that is to say:

    The real GIP = deflactor the nominal GIP/of the GIP.

    But, that is the deflactor of the GIP? It is an index that informs to us into the variation of prices in the goods and services produced in a certain period. If an article costs 200 Euros and later it costs 217 Euros, the article has undergone the variation of 217/200 = 1,085.

    We see an example to understand both concepts:

    We are going to calculate the growth of the real the nominal GIP and GIP of a country.

    A country has in the 2006 GIP of 100,000 Euros and in the 2007 GIP of 120.000. The prices in the 2007 have undergone an increase of 7%. Now we calculate the growth of the nominal GIP and the real GIP.

                If the prices have increased a 7%, means that 100 in the 2006 are 107 in the 2007.

                The division between the divided price of the 2006 between the price of the 2007, will be the deflactor of the GIP.

                Deflactor of the GIP = 107/100 = 1,07

                We have said that the real GIP is the division between the nominal GIP and the deflactor of the GIP, therefore:

                The real GIP (2007) = 120,000/1.07 = 112,149, 53 Euros.

                The growth of the nominal GIP is: 120.000/100,000 a 20%

                The growth of the real GIP is: 112.149, 53/100,000 a 12.15%


Gross National product (PNB)

    Pnb (Producto Nacional Bruto) would be the goods and services produced by the nationals of a country, resides in same country or another one.


Net Inner product (PIN)

    The PIN (Net Inner Product) Is gross inner product, the GIP, but clearing the loss of value or wearing down that has undergone the productive equipment during the period of study. In order to understand this concept we see an example:

    A country has in the 2006 GIP of 200,000 Euros, but its equipment of production (machines, infrastructure, and really all the elements destined to produce, have undergone a lost one of value by wearing down of 25,000 Euros, what would be its PIN? Very easy. PIN = the GIP - it wears away = 200,000 - 25000 = 175,000 Euros.


Net National product (PNN)

    PNN (Producto Nacional Neto) would be the GNP, that is to say, the goods and services produced by the nationals of a country, reside in same country or another one, but clearing the lost ones to him of value that has undergone the production equipment.


The GIP per capita

    The GIP per capita that also is known as it rents per capita and entrance per capita is an index that speaks of the wealth available material to us.  It is the division of the GIP divided by the number of inhabitants. That is to say, to whichever headress each inhabitant of a country of its GIP. To thus he can serve us like approach to compare the well-being difference that can exist between the inhabitants of a country or another one.

    With the data published by EUROSTAT, the countries of the EU would per capita have the following GIP in the 2006. The percentage is related to the average, for example, Spain has a percentage of 102% with respect to the average, that is to say surpasses the average. Therefore UE-27 =100. The greater GIP per capita with a 280% of the average has Luxembourg. UE-25 are the countries of the European Union without Bulgaria and Rumania that are both last that entered, exactly those that has minor the GIP per capita.

UE-27 =100 Spain =102 UE-25 =104

Luxembourg 280 Belgium 123 France 113 Greece 89 Estonia 67 Poland 53
Ireland 144 Sweden 121 Italy 104 Slovenia 87 Hungary 66 Rumania 38
The Netherlands 131 The United Kingdom 118 UE-25 104 Rep. Czech 79 Slovakia 63 Bulgaria 37
Austria 129 Finland 117 Spain 102 Malta 77 Lithuania 58  country
Denmark 127 Germany 113 Cyprus 94 Portugal 75 Latvia 56 country

    In the following data and graph we can observe the evolution of the inter-annual rate of the Gross Inner Product of Spain.

The GIP Gross Inner Product
Rate of inter-annual variation
1T 2001 4,1
2T 2001 3,5
3T 2001 4,1
4T 2001 3,9
1T 2002 3
2T 2002 2,7
3T 2002 2,5
4T 2002 2,5
1T 2003 2,9
2T 2003 3,2
3T 2003 3,1
4T 2003 3
1T 2004 3,2
2T 2004 3,2
3T 2004 3,3
4T 2004 3,4
1T 2005 3,4
2T 2005 3,5
3T 2005 3,6
4T 2005 3,6
1T 2006 3,7
2T 2006 3,8
3T 2006 3,8
4T 2006 4
1T 2007 4,1
2T 2007 4



    Source NSI

    In the first trimester of the 2007 GIP a 4.1% and in the second trimester grew a 4%, that is to say, one tenth less than in the previous trimester, although surpasses in three tenth the value reached in the same period of the previous year, this is shows a tenuous profile of deceleration of the growth of the Spanish economy

City Finances It leaves your commentaries 18 of August of 2007
Friday, 30 of January of the 2009 to the 05:48: 17 A.M.

       deveras was deflactor that does not know

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Friday, 21 of Nov. of the 2008 to the 10:16: 28 p.m.

       super vdd this totally complete pag, aunqueno comes the q I am looking for, but he is very useful. me gustaria q says to me where I can find what is the GIP by each state of the republic. beforehand many grax

Commentary number: 8

Name: they karen

Thursday, 28 of August of the 2008 to the 03:32: 45 A.M.

       hello. you could help to specify because the GIP is a flow and not a stock?

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Name: morning call

Thursday, 26 of June of the 2008 to the 10:29: 52 A.M.


Commentary number: 6

Name: nicole

Tuesday, 03 of June of the 2008 to the 08:06: 08 A.M.

       good super encounter the material but the truth is that nose like doing it is that I need to know like removing the real and nominal GIP from four years and four products. removing nominal and real for every year and furthermore the inflation hopefully thanks can help me

Commentary number: 5

Name: nathaly sources

Tuesday, 06 of May of the 2008 to the 02:31: 15 A.M.

       thanks for imformacion but deberian to pulicar the concepts of all the words

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Name: to aguilar Perez ernesto

Friday, 07 of Sept. of the 2007 to the 07:36: 47 p.m.

       this page this super chida and interesting but something ke this raised in her is not ke does not have the differences although one knows ke saka xs logika, but nesesitamos but opinions of them thanks! :)

Commentary number: 3

Name: they chrystian

Thursday, 06 of Sept. of the 2007 to the 12:54: 12 A.M.

       If the euribor raises, the consumption falls, and if the consumption falls lowers the GIP, if low the GIP, is no economic growth, and if it does not have economic growth Spain goes bad. Greetings.

Commentary number: 2

Name: dices

Monday, 20 of August of the 2007 to the 12:45: 41 p.m.

       What I know the GIP more is that they constantly use it to the politicians like hand-thrown weapon, for example Mr. Rajoy to say that Spain goes bad, to see if it is that it must come aznarin so that Spain goes or, and as well as goes so or, puts that us in another war

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