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Visa wants to go out in bag


The principal central banks of the world will award liquidity


   The most important central banks of the world go to award in coordination liquidity in dollars since it have been detected that pressures have increased them again on the markets of the money. This action will be coordinated since they will inform the Central Bank European (BCE), the American Federal Reservation (Fed), the Bank of England (BoE), the Bank of Canada and the Swiss National Bank. This one announced of action that coordinated of the principal central banks of world of awarding liquidity was received with big enthusiasm for the bags.

   The analysts of economy take like the important decision as good of the central banks but also they point out that her measurement does not assure that the crisis of the markets of money disappears. According to Rob Carnell of the bank ING he will be necessary to wait to see if the markets find soon certain stability since the action is not sufficient so that lasting solution turns in for the existing problems in the credit markets.


City Finance It leaves your comments On March 16, 2008
On Sunday, March 23, 2008 to 8:23:30 AM AM

        ECONOMIC CRISIS 1.-Brutal increase of the consumption of prime matters and products prepared on the part of the emergent countries, bearing increases of prices that will be inasumibles for the western economies. 2.-Galopante increase of the price of the crude oil, overcoming extensively 100 dollars the barrel determined by the geopolitical suspense the speculation and the risk of shortage. 3. - The inevitable increase of the inflation in the Euro area will provoke the increase of the interest rates what will transport the economic asphyxia of multitude of persons tricked in mortgage credits and consequent contraction of the internal consumption. 4. - Explosion of the real estate bubble with special gravity in countries as Spain and Ireland and that as a result of the effect dominoes will see increased his unemployment valuations up to unknown limits. 5.-En the case of Europe, an euro artificially revalued coadyuvará to the strangulation of the exports provoking negative growths of the annual GDP. 6.-Para to end, the droughts and floods will help to increase the scarcity of basic foodstuff that will go so far as to have prohibitive prices. GERMAN GORRAIZ LOPEZ

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The principal central banks of the world will award liquidity
Visa wants to go out in bag
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