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City Finance. Our mortgage to fixed or variable interest? It leaves your comments...
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Our mortgage to fixed or variable interest?








We all know that the euribor is rising continuously and takes many consecutive months without descending. Although the highest historical value of the index has not been reached yet, nobody guarantees to us that I did not come to short-term him. Due to these circumstances, there are appearing offers of mortgage loans in which the loan is offered us to fixed interest. But is it really an advantage the one that offers us to itself, or simply is it a question of mere propaganda, with trick ingredients, to take advantage of the current existing worry in the current society for the continuous increase of the euribor?

    Let's analyze more thoroughly the question.

   The mortgage loan to fixed interest counts with the advantage of which we will know in advance which that it will be the fixed quota for the whole life of our loan. This one neither will rise nor will go down. The interest increases will not affect us. Nor the descents, with what we will not be able to benefit from these.

   On the other hand if for the reasons that were we needed to cancel the loan (for example if we have decided to change our mortgage to another bank that offers us more advantages, or a mortgage enlargement with debt unification in another banking institution...) we owe of knowledge that the cancellation commissions are usually costlier than those of variable type.

   Also, since the mortgage loans to fixed interest do not turn out to be affected by the interest rates changes, this supposes a risk for the banking institutions and leads them to lowering greatly the maximum amortization period about 15 years, with what the monthly quotas can become very high unless we have an important initial capital to be offered.

   Therefore it is very important to analyze which it is the form of mortgage loan that more is convenient for us and to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages.

City Finance It leaves your comments On July 28, 2007
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What index is better, the IRPH or the Euribor?
On Thursday, November 13, 2008 to 9:41:32 AM AM

       hello do I have a mortgage in the pensions caixa with IRPH someone knows how is calculated the interest rate to be paid for the year 2009????????

Comment number: 21

Name: david

On Sunday, February 10, 2008 to 4:45:08 AM PM

       someone might say to me who is more thieving a bank ó a father who steals to feed his children....

Comment number: 20

Name: angel

On Monday, August 13, 2007 to 6:48:30 AM PM

       What I see is that the euribor always rises, and this begins worrying me, seeing when it begins going down...

Comment number: 17

Name: pere

On Monday, August 06, 2007 to 6:56:34 AM PM

       I believe that the banks never cover risks, for it they do his studies and handle the world of the numbers in his favor, it brings them carelessly if our mortgage is variable, fixes or if the euribor rises or goes down, in the end they always win.

Comment number: 16

Name: Tone

On Monday, July 30, 2007 to 10:20:00 AM PM

       That thing about the euribor looks like a drama soap opera, nevertheless these days I will sign the writing of my apartment, I am conciente of that the euribor can keep on raising but if I do not buy today tomorrow it goes to be impossible, I cheer the future buyers up. Nombre:Carlos A.

Comment number: 10

Name: Carlos A

On Monday, July 30, 2007 to 10:02:39 AM PM

       The people are too much scared by the euribor, but this is necessary to look at it calmly, so the only thing that the euribor is doing is to recover the values that it lost in the year 2000, and it has not recovered yet them.

Comment number: 9

Name: Marcos L.

On Monday, July 30, 2007 to 8:53:01 AM PM

       According to news about the Country the euribor is going to become stable and to calm down, because it is not possible to press any more the nut of the familiar economy, many debts are reunified to return to endeundarse in the future mortgages reviews, so more it costs that the euribor calms down, and especially those that control, that is to say those who have the power.

Comment number: 8

Name: Rebellion

On Sunday, July 29, 2007 to 11:29:28 AM PM

       The mortgage that he signs with my bank in 2005 was to variable interest, and in the same bank I have done a capital increase in the mortgage, now I pay more, but skylight I have reunified with my mortgage the following thing, a loan for furniture, the loan of the car and the cards, now it remains me much more a month. What I recommend to reunify the debts, is to do it in the same bank, because you save yourself a heap, since you do not have to do expenses of annulment or substitution. Fixed that thing about or variable, I have it to variable and the only thing that I am going to do is to trust in the luck, so that it lowers the euribor or at least that raises very little or that is supported.

Comment number: 7

Name: Sandrax P.

On Saturday, July 28, 2007 to 7:54:06 AM PM

       Most of the banks offer mortgages to variable interest and keep on doing it: porqué? Very easy, because they are interested in. They are very ready with the money, and now they are gathering the fruits, and many other that they will gather, it is the clearest.

Comment number: 6

Name: Reijor Viqueriras

On Saturday, July 28, 2007 to 5:57:56 AM PM

       Since you are not right laughing at those who have variable form, because the economy very turns and the one who does not say to you that now it lowers the euribor. In the end habrás paid much more you that other that had variable interest. Like that can be the thing.

Comment number: 4

Name: Solis Nel

On Saturday, July 28, 2007 to 5:56:35 AM PM

       I have mortgage to fixed interest, because it turns out that my apartment was not new, and it cost me cheaply and of that time with the firm bank a mortgage to fixed interest. Of this approximately 6 years ago, and now me RIO!!! of that they have mortgage to variable interest...

Comment number: 3

Name: Electro

On Saturday, July 28, 2007 to 5:55:20 AM PM

       I worry about the euribor, but this is what exists, now we are already not to change form mortgage and to see that it happens. Is what I do not understand that this if it is going to explode to all or only to the builders and speculators, because, to be seen, how is life quite so expensively and the euribor not of to rise, since nobody can buy and if nobody buys it does not sell, and if it does not sell, they will have to go down the real estate bubble not?, but skylight that we already have our apartment, paying it, since worse still because above that we are paying a heap every time it will cost less our apartment, so this way the thing seems to be.

Comment number: 2

Name: Susan Diez

On Saturday, July 28, 2007 to 5:54:11 AM PM

       The truth is that many publicity exists on this matter and the deceitful majority, which the euribor raises, since wing! to offer, we are big enough to fixed interest, but and the one who does not say to us that if we rush we are not going to put the paw, the truth is that this of the euribor is like the bag or like to play the Russian roulette, you do not know what it is going to spend and on the analysts I do not rely, because often they are wrong.

Comment number: 1

Name: Alfredo

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