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Differences between property development company, constructor and real estate office


Differences between property development company, constructor and real estate office


   In the real estate world we must distinguish between three concepts that can make a mistake very easily. We can use the "real estate" word to allude to the property development companies, constructors and agencies, but whenever we know that differences exist between them and which are his functions and principal responsibilities. To understand each other we are going to speak about three phases at which different companies are employed and which intervene in what it is a housing.

   The first phase: acquisition of the soil.

   First of all it will be necessary to acquire the soil where it wants to be built and function is the real estate property development companies will fulfill.

   The second phase: construción of the housings.

   As soon as the soil was acquired, it will be necessary to build in him, because for it it has been bought, here the real estate constructors would enter game. They construct the buildings starting all his workers, architects, builders, albañíles, etc.

   Third phase: to commercialize the housings.

   As soon as the housings were constructed, it will be necessary to commercialize them, to do publicity of them and to manage to sell them, this final phase will be the one that the real estate offices carry out.

   The world of the housing is very important, it moves a lot of money and the companies dedicated to her are great, fulfilling different functions. The different companies, property development companies, constructors or agencies have major importance, or enter game, according to the phase in which we are.

   It is necessary to bear in mind that important property development companies can have their own constructors and real estate offices included in the same structure of the company, with what the whole process of acquisition of area, building and sale of the housings it can be carried out by the only company, but normally three companies take control, that is to say, of property development company, contructora and you obtain.


City Finance It leaves your comments On November 17, 2007
On Thursday, May 29, 2008 to 4:24:23 AM PM

       "A lot of care and read good or allow you to advise for someone to know of the topic, which is of your confidence." Many reason. I am API and in contrast to these "real estate agencies" that have been growing everywhere throughout like mushrooms in autumn, we are regular. We advise on the mortgages and discard the financial usurers, who are disgusting to the whole sector. The first thing that you do when the client has looking for an apartment is to do a financial study to him; it is the simplest of the world, it can make one any in its own house, sums what you gain, reduce what you pay, you calculate 30735 % not to catch the fingers from you. ., it is of common sense and when the buyer knows up to where it can come in real terms we begin looking for what fits to his budget and goes to the bank that he wants, I always recommend the bank with which it works, it is obvious, but if he does not realize it well I offer him advice and mediation, which for that I receive and know all the entities of my city, not only for finding what more I adapted to his needs, which often are out of place (bottom I see, bottom want). The most profitable conditions for the client also are going to be for me, since the best publicity is the mouth to mouth and the honesty, which in this profession also exists, although in the latter years the people seem to have gone crazy and want to change apartment why with ten years he has had left his an old man and has no swimming pool and of these "caprices" scoundrel has taken advantage very much. Earring gets into the buy of a housing having the sale of other one is a madness. Now and ten years ago. I can say, that in small town how in which I live I have provided his first housing to the people, who after the years has decided to change it and they have come to me. And all contentments. Now there is crisis, as there have been years behind, more loudly, so there have joined factors as the masking of the last crisis of ends of the nineties with the money laundering for the entry of the euro, and why everything has raised except the salaries. But I can say that I keep on working and selling apartments. I am not rich, but I sleep with the calm conscience.

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On Tuesday, May 06, 2008 to 3:29:56 AM PM

       Different all but equal of leeches, the constructor lows the price of the costs in materials of minor quality, the promoter accepts it since it is going to cost him less, and then they are that thing about the real estate agency that without any scruple, they are capable of selling his mother with a proviso that that road surfaces something from what they without doing a lot of effort benefit, I call the young people who want to acquire his first housing so that it does not spend to them what (idiot of me), those of the real estate agency look to you for a bank, box or credit company, for a lot of care with the above mentioned, in my case they concealed to me information about the proposal of the contract of the loan, even saying to me that she was not a financier but a savings bank, and at the time of signing if I was beginning for behind 10 % takes for the face. A lot of care and read good or allow you to advise for someone to know of the topic, which is of your confidence. Greetings

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