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City Finance. The inflation reaches 4,1 % of interannual change in November. It leaves your comments...
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The inflation reaches 4,1 % of interannual change in November


The inflation reaches 4,1 % of interannual change in November

    The inflation has risen sudden again in November and with this month, it is already the second consecutive one in which a sudden rise of the Index takes place, being located in an interannual change of 4,1 %, 5 tenths more than the previous month, since in October there was an interannual change of 3,6 % and 14 tenths more than in September that was in 2,7 %. The last time that reached a top value was in January, 2006, that I reach an interannual change of 4,2 %. The increase of the prime matters energy, the garment and the food that are never missing in the shopping basket as the milk and his derivatives, there have been the determinant factors of the sudden upturns of the inflation.

   The inflation they have immediate consequences on the State, which it will have to face an increase of the pensions not to damage the economy of the pensioners. Give a pension to it they will have to be revalued and the State will have to destine about 1.557 millions to compensate the deviation of the Index of Prices to the Consumption (IPC). Another 1.564 millions will be to consolidate in the payroll the services for the next exercise. These more than 3.000 million euros that the State will have to contribute it takes as a target to expire with the created norm of 1994 so that the pensioners did not see his harmed purchasing power. If they raise the prices, it is logical that they raise the services, so that the pensioners could face to the increase of the life.

   Pedro Solbes, the second vice-president of the Government and the Secretary of the Treasury has pointed out that the increase of the prices of consumption is something "transitory and exogenous" that is to say, which is punctual and it will be corrected probably in the next months and it has to do with international economic factors as it is the increase of the oil and the cereals.



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The inflation reaches 4,1 % of interannual change in November
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