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Germany does not see positive that the BCE raises the interest rates


The Eurogroup meets to face of form joined the crisis


The Eurogroup proves to be joined opposite to the financial crisis. It is necessary to recover the interbank confidence and that the money flows with normality on the financial market, so that the economy is reactivated again and she enjoys again good health.



   The Eurogroup met in Paris, to try to face to the financial crisis and try to extract agreements to adopt the best measurements to overcome the different economic moments through that they live in Europe. He has remembered to check the countable rules, re-capitalize the banks that have difficulties, offer guarantees on the loans and that the banks have sufficiently and suitable liquidity.

   So that the economy works, it is necessary that the banking has enough liquidity, to be able to offer with normality credit to the citizens and to the companies. Without the credits, the companies cannot be financed and grow and then stagnation, economic deceleration and unemployment is generated, forming spirals of economic cooling and unemployment from which every time it turns out to be more complicated to go out. The absence of liquidity in the banks, is a fruit of an interbank suspicion for which they do not give themselves money for fear and mistrust between them.

    In this sense and thanks to the agreements adopted as the Eurogroup, the European governments, they will take the measures most adapted to manage to confront the financial crisis in each of his respective countries.

   In Spain, the Government has already taken three measures of exceptional importance, to confront the financial crisis:

- You were guaranteeing the thifty persons. 100.000 euros are guaranteed for titling and it counts.

- Creation of two funds with different functionalities:

           1) Fund of up to 50.000 million euros with charge to the Treasure, to buy assets of high quality and completely healthy to the banks and so these have enough liquidity on which credits could meet to the companies and to the consumers. It is a temporary measurement, until the banks have liquidity of natural form, for which the measurement will be becoming extinct. It is a recoverable money, because once, the banks either they work with normality after the interbank confidence recovers, either they will not need the help of the fund and the assets will return to the banks and the money to the Treasure.

           2) Fund for the guarantees of the banks. The banks will be able to be financed thanks to these guarantees. These guarantees guarantee to the financial institutions that could be financed until the year 2009 ends. The fund for the guarantees of 2008 is 100.000 million euros.

   There are extraordinary measurements because the current financial climate through that one lives at European level is exceptional. Let's hope that they should give the suitable results. Today the bags have had historical profit and the Euribor has descended up to 5,425 %. Let's hope that the confidence should reign soon on the market of the money again, although from the Government one already affirms that it is a question of a long and lasting way.



The Eurogroup meets to face of form joined the crisis
Germany does not see positive that the BCE raises the interest rates
Pedro Solbes points out that Spain is far from an economic crisis
They raise the mortgages, raise the food, raise the fuels
The government will help in the enlargement of the term of the mortgage
The IMF glimpses a very negative economic horizon for Spain
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Trichet removes the possibility of reducing the interest rates
The principal central banks of the world will award liquidity
Visa wants to go out in bag
What is the OCDE?
The surplus of the Social security will be superior to 8.000 million euros.
The sudden fall of the demand of the housing has to close 40.000 agencies.
The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs speaks about the march of the economy and of the work
The inflation reaches 4,1 % of interannual change in November
The slowness valuation for stopping paying the quota of the mortgage increases.
The second consecutive descent of the Euribor. In November it lowers 4,607 % (2-12-07)


November, 2007
October, 2007
September, 2007
August, 2007
July, 2007

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Germany does not see positive that the BCE raises the interest rates.


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On August 07, 2008

    My name is Keila Collins, I am entrusted of the Dpto. of Hispanic speech of FOREXYARD LTD. I contact them in this opportunity to give to him...

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Germany does not see positive that the BCE raises the interest rates


Germany does not see positive that the BCE raises the interest rates

If the European Central Bank (BCE) raises the interest rates he will be able to suppose a new upturn of the Euribor, with what the mortgages will get dearer more. In general he will be able to suppose more economic cooling, with the damages that it can cause in the dark current economic panorama.

   On July 3, the Central Bank Europoeo (BCE), decision will take it on the interest rates, that is to say, if it raises them lightly, as his president Jean Claude Trichet predicted or it supports them in the same percentage in which they were left does more than 12 months, in 4 %. There are great the critical voices to that they listened after the last meeting of the institution when the doors opened for a light increase of the price of the money to turn of the words of Trichet. José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, prime minister, was one of the most forceful, to to argue that if decision making respects the entire autonomy of the BCE in his , responsibility would be desirable also in his declarations. It is not necessary to forget that to the Trichet declarations, there continued a strong upturn of the Euribor, other one important climb in the oil price and falls generalized in the bags.

   The president of the Government in declarations to the newspaper The Country, pointed out that the declarations of the president of the monetary institution and the possible types increase twenty days later, it means almost two increases. It is necessary to bear in mind that as there are European economies, placed in a clear slowing down economic, the types increases will act of course as powerful gas pedals of economic cooling, already of if important.

   The German Federal Government that presides Ángela Merkel criticized the Shoemaker's words and urged him to which it will clarify the unusual criticism realized against Trichet, to time that was underlining the beginning of independence of the BCE. But now it seems that Peer Steinbrück has changed of option, since the minister German of Finance, it pointed out that an increase of types will suppose giving an erroneous sign, and that it might take to one stagnation of the economy. In this sense Ludwig Stiegler, vice-president of the social-democratic parliamentary group there is recommended reflection to Trichet and good sense to the BCE so that not he decides an increase, considering the dark economic forecasts and the important falls that the Stock Exchanges endure.

   It is necessary to think, that although it is important to control the inflation and to obtain the stability in the prices, and that this is undoubtedly the principal mission for that the BCE was created, also it is of vital importance not to accelerate the economic cooling for which they cross at present the member countries of the Euroarea. Also, it would be desirable that the institution was bearing much in mind, that them current upturns of the inflation owe to exogenous factors, like the increase of the oil and not to a strong demand internal, that yes that would take types as an effective remedy, an increase of . But money does not seem to be an increase of the price of , the best recipe in the current relating to the moment case, in which the inflationary processes have in his origin increase of the prime matters as the crude oil.

City Finance It leaves your comments 30-6-2008

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Linkage Europe The Eurogroup meets to face of form joined the crisis.
Germany does not see positive that the BCE raises the interest rates.
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