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You mortgage Garbage


You mortgage garbage








   The term is been applied "you mortgage garbage" to almost half of the mortgages hired in the USA during the year 2006, because they were granted without counting with the habitual precautionary forecasts of verifying that the uneats of the clients who were requesting the they praise, was adapted to face to the interests that is would have to pay, expert well expert the amount of the house that they were going to acquire. We must distinguish between three classes of mortgages that plows granted in the USA:

               Mortgages Occupy first pleases: there plow those mortgages considered to be reliable, there is studied the solvency of the one that requests the mortgage they praise and it is demonstrated that it you have sufficient solvency to face to the mortgage.

               Mortgages Suboccupy first pleases: Also so called mortgages "garbage" because there plows granted clients of doubtful solvency who request money over 85 % of the I value of the building or who have to pay to quota of interests that supposes resided than 55 % of his uneats. Sometimes, even two circumstances happen.

               You mortgage "High": In this marries the clients fulfill the conventional solvency requisites but they do not contribute enough certificates.

   In 2006 46 % of the granted mortgage loans was of the category Suboccupy first pleases or High, what is provoked the current real American you be crisis.

    This you have supposed an it was uncreating in the slowness in the mortgages of high risk that plow granted in the USA and the financial markets have suffered the fears that bear this information and the fact of making  to possible future liquidity crisis out   , with what the banks would turn out to be forced to sell his actions to overcome the problem and it would drive to serious problems on the stock markets. Real It is an American you be crisis and to prevent the fears from generalizing to all the markets the Central Europaean Bank she you have injected several steal money in the euroarea. expert well expert Head office banks of other countries like Japan, Australia or Canada and the American Federal Reservation to the bank system to treat that the conditions on the money market normalize.

City Finance It leaves your comments On August 20, 2007
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On Thursday, Dec 11. of 2008 to 3:50:12 AM AM AM PM

       SPANISH VARIANTS TO THE MORTGAGES SUBPRIME, NINJA OR GARBAGE. Rafael del Barco Carreras Repitiendo and summing up. Chorused up to the satiety when they plows discovered or denounce in the USA, year 2007, and even much brought in in 2008, “En Spain they do not exist ”. Internet To see in the mortgages tags suboccupies first pleases, ninja or garbage. The negrito of pisses on Ilinois who buys the where I have lives for the double of what it costs signing to mortgage to infinite years, and with these “bancos mortgages and fundsthey receive money. Reaction in Spain, all, Presses and TV, loudly“En Spain there plows not mortgages suboccupy first there pleasesor that thing about “El Spanish Bank System is most controlled and solvent of the World ”. Internet In the first dissident voices were appearing. Some doubting the official and semiofficial propaganda, and others affirming without palliative. They wereand infinite. Big part of the 4.000.000 of produced housings, being constructed or in project from 2002, in you reside or less, they would be catalogued in one of the variants. Angelical Spanish variants to the mortgage of the negrito of Ilinois: The first variant. One of 2007. 300.000 million old pesetas! “Tú you buy to for 1.600 million euros what costs 700 according to my assessors, any certify, the banks will give the money, later we extend cardinally, because with your 7 to yourself million officials we do not go nowhere, I revalue your assets, estimated and certified again, and throw ourselves to Stock Exchange ”. “: Does Does And porqué will the banks and boxes putt reside money than it costs what you sell to me? ”. Real The question is of filling because the buyer avezado and ancient you be I have knows in advance the porqué of the banks. I distribute in black. “: And if the Stock Exchange does not throw itself? ”. “No it will happen, the bag rises every day and everything swallows it, the banks will take charge already, but if it was happening, how everything is mortgaged, since they swallow it ”. “Genial ”. “De the enlargement I remain 20 % ”. “Eso my part you were uncreating in black ”. There you reside than billion euros supposedly distributed between buying HABITAT, RAILROAD seller, and the executives of the FINANCIAL BACKER “BANCOS Y BOX ”. Native Not beyond six persons in the share-out, because real you be obtain and banks will take into account the official papers, and even will pay taxes and enormous legal costs, to big pinch, but that pulling for the low thing will allow to “escote ” you reside than 10.000 million ancient pesetas. Immense fortune for any citizen, although for to very limited grupito, purée change. The second variant. “Tú you contribute your building in the Walk of Grace along 100 million euros that I pay to you with actions of the next enlargement and on the following day you dog sell them in Stock Exchange, to how they quote, turn, but expert the alone building costs 30 we have to distribute in black to the financiers not less than 50, because finally they plows those who finance that the actions with credits guaranteed by the proper actions quote high ”. Assumption MARTINSA FADESA. Between the first and second assumption dig infinity of variants with mergers, OPAS, and money with role guarantee garbage. Colonial real you be agency, Riofisa, etc.etc. Judicial In the marries Martinsa the inspectors have already discovered countable aberrations (I revalued areas 1000 %) and advise the fraudulent failure to impede to the managers his personnel patrimony, and in Habitat the harmed ones request the feedback of the fraudulent blow with to ball. And how is carried back the dirty money apologized to invoices and false costs? Third variant. “Tú you buy to me the pleases for 200.000 euros, to caixa will grant mortgaging 300.000 so that you decorate it, and you already have your shop in march ”. “Pero this it pleases is expensive ”. “Para it you is to golden opportunity, the it pleases rises of price every year ”. “Y if it could not pagar…que it remain this caixa …”. The fourth variant. “Con you will pay his payroll to month approximately 1.000 euros ”. “Pero the fact is that I need to money to furnish and the wedding ”. “Bueno, we will see if they extend the mortgage to us and you will pay 1.200 to month, but our commission will be 5 % instead of 3 % ”. It conscripts. “Nos you bring to payrolland have apartment ”. Sixth. “Te I give 300 euros if you sign in the notary to few rolls to me ”. The agents and sellers, already dismissed, of Don Piso and Farms Corral count and do not finishThe remaining variants for the year 2000 from now on, when the bubble was swelling up 20 % or 30 % per year and the apartments were not selling (all that I resided unsaleable offer you reside they were raising the apartments) there plow infinitas…nómina falsefalse GO cardmortgage evaluations properly appraised to will of the partsbuyings and sellings of entire buildings or “paquetes of housingsbetween societies “instrumentales ”… credits and certifications of work, garbagebut the construction was producing housings to such rapidity that not even forging and defrauding were giving supply, and there remain 1.000.000 of housings of ludicrous price, any I you reside it is not even known of “mal soldand “segunda run ”… finishing with the saving of the whole country music music and the maximum collected with infinite financial formulae in the international market. And before the notary “: given that we register? ” of the whole life throwing the casualty. with the council of the proper notary, given that “pasaría in Treasury Department ”… now one climbs to especially possibly, firstly for district attorney tax reliefs in the period of the mortgage, and very principal because to the you reside it promotes the face - will value amount registered the you reside it be achieved in “titulacionespaid by the BCE, or who finally is financed so much GARBAGE: and that will demand to receive 100 for 100 you reside interests and expenses!

Comment number: 2

Yam: Rafael del Barco Carreras

On Tuesday, August 26, 2008 to 9:57:46 AM AM AM AM

       MORTGAGES GARBAGE IN BARCELONA Rafael del Barco Carreras Yo would advise to the BCE, Banco Central Europeo: what arrogance mine!, that studies well the CATALAN MORTGAGES. I limit myself to the ambience of my life, to what my sight and ear reach, since further away, what they tell me or have reads on subgives priority, the USA or the was Grasping “tigres ”, to mental purée preparation mediática. Completed this brain haemorrhage species, and what it continue, is read by me that the BCE already does not admit like guarantee for the money auctions the "FUNDS OF MORTGAGE QUALIFICATIONS"! with the easy thing that was proving to them to express them to our CAIXAS! In Barcelona and for years not you reside than three persons, and if only one worries me, is dog be, clarified the forest of legislations and entities, the proprietor of the area, the promoter, the builder, the buyer, the financier, and return to begin if the BCE or any of the big Europaean or world funds, it re-deducts, buys or finances the mortgage, finally, it puts the money. An example, the CONSORTIUM OF THE FREE ZONE (or it might be ADIGSA of Pujol's Generalitat) public Entity (but that it hires to his air like deprived) with PSC men, although till not long ago it was governed by to PP, Enrique Lacalle, who acted of big magnate of the City, being walked by three black cars surrounded with bodyguard, (to see in Internet some of his exploits) sets the area (re-qualified by the same ones and with the I value that is convenient), to builder constructs in become close relation, financing the CAIXA OF CATALONIA, of the Delegation, PSC, and buy pongamos…el Institute for the Study of the Fauna Subpirinaicaor to jailthat also have been financed by similar methods, to thirty years of termor an set of instruments “sociedadproperty of some of the tens of institutions to his órdenes…colocan the mortgage value to expediency, and for area you reside astronomical obras…a prices of, construction and mortgages. With construction costs between 700 and 900 € for m2, already puffed up, the end price reaches the 6.000 and rising, without sellingand they plows mounted or feign salt to storm door credits or to pleases on the financial market the mortgage of these salt, or, that different puts the money. To reader, voter of the Spanish socialist party, will say to me that for that they have voted for themto do thingsand alone header the answer that to country music music directed to the SOVIET UNION, where any norm and legality does not exist (but I remove documented inside the legality) you reside soon that I was beats the institutions suffer, first the financiers because they finish without MONEY and getting into debt to the future generations, the bread for today and famine for tomorrowfor not affecting in “autocontratación ”, “manipular the price of the things ”, “información privileged ”, the immense dirty money of the Construction (that thing about Maragall with 3 % accusing to the purée Pujolistas prank) … thousand and one “ilegalidadesturning the institutions in proper and out of all the control that the market, the laws and to grupito, almost mafia, or without almost … The Means you invade real democracy imposes so that precisely me every day of the cause of the CRISIS. To most of the direct affected, thousands, it does not even happen to them to putt proper yams to the causers of his misfortunes: it is the CRISIS, the life, the bad luck! I nor ignore that it happens beyond the Tibidabo, although like banquerillo in my youth, I know by intuition that for Barcelona there is money not neither in the BCE, nor in Dubai, less in Kuwait …! small birds these Catalans, Franco supporters, Socialists, convergentes…o what is! And the whole retaila of spokeswomen and fells - bearersto one, complaining. If the fact is that they do not give us to duro…más woodany you reside woodto pay the expirations of his automortgages, to keep on constructing and up to buying the Electricity companies of the Norte…o the whole South America, the China…Marruecos…ColombiaAnd speculators have always detained theirs the BALL, the Bubble, the Pyramidthe fault ajena…Madrid, Brussels, Stuggart…EEUUthe polytics neoliberales…los …: what scoundrels!

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Yam: Rafael del Barco Carreras

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