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The unturns Mortgage

   Her unturns mortgage is to relatively recent concept but increasingly extend. It is directed to the persons you reside the biggest that have his housing in property and I freed of charges. This concept is like successor the "insurance housing pension", across which, to retired person and with proper housing it could obtain an annuity. The problem in this marries was that his apartment was spending to be to property of the bank and not of the heirs when the person was dying. This achieved that the formulates was scarcely successful, and they will look for ideas and strategies much you reside attractive for the potential clients. In this sense I have was born the unturn mortgage, in which the property not gets lost, that is to say, does not change proprietors expert soon expert the client was died. It is to formulates that must be studied thoroughly, to take advice appropriately and to be well informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the mortgage in themselves and about each of the factors that shape i.

     The client of the unturns mortgage benefits from to mortgage credit, receives money against the I value of his housing. The pensions got for retirement plows not usually very "generous" and the pensioners plow reduced his monthly salaries raises they stop working. For the biggest it would be the moment to enjoy the fully deserved rest, but often for economic problems they cannot do it appropriately and this way still at his age they turn out to be forced to do fortunes to eats in order month, grasp if of newly emancipated youngsters they were talking each otherIn this sense the formulates of the unturn mortgage dog be to good help to be able to was uncreating the available money monthly and confront the expenses that the retirement implies, with dignity, solvency and without worries or monetary problems. Many have to good much boasted at present: to housing, being like that patrimony proprietors, but not so much of down money and sonante. The banking institutions would offer this way to monthly quota from the money that suppose his housing.

   The granted amount will depend on many factors, most important obviously it will be the value of the housing that will be appraised properly. Also it will depend on the age of the petitioner. The younger be, that is to say, the the you reside next is at the age of 65 that is the minibadly age to be able to enjoy this formulates, the the minor money will be received. The sex will be to factor also important, since knowing that the women enjoy major life expectancy, his monthly quota will be also to minor. Another important factor is the election of the form of the mortgage praises, which dog be, limited or life. Those who hire the limited way will enjoy major payment than those who hire the life one.

   The biggest person will receive this way to complementary quantity to his pension. There will be established to limited steals in which it will be possible to enjoy this quantity that normally will be comprised between 10 and 20 years and to to fixed interest 5 or 6 % taking its own housing expert to guarantee. Instead of establishing to limited steals, also it will be possible to choose for the life one, and this way is will never stop recovering while the owner of the apartment lives but the revenue that it will receive will be minor. But yes the person who is hired the formulates of limited steal lives resides years than it lasts the steal established in the unturn mortgage, also is will keep on enjoying the monthly quotas, but in this marry across the insurance of annuities, sure that is not obligatory to hire, but that is very advisable to do it to have the calmness of being able to keep on receiving these funds during every year that have you have left for living. This way for example let's imagine that to person you have hired the 65 unturns mortgage years for 12 years. When it is 77 years is will be able to keep on receiving the same money thanks to the fact that it hired the annuities insurance.

   When there is died the holder, the heirs, who will not lose the rights of the property, they will have several alternatives to act:

            They will be able to remain with the housing: They will have to for it storm door the praises and be sick with your own money, the funds that were granted to the biggest person. If they cannot do it, they dog resort to the financing or constitute to new mortgage on the housing.

            To sell the housing: It sells and one pays to the bank the required quantity, remaining with the rest.

   It is an important knowledge that raises there have died the holder of the mortgage they praise, when the heirs storm door the they praise the banking institution will not be able to request them any quantity by way of cancellation.

   To hire the unturns mortgage usually you have to few important initial expenses by way of:

            - Gap commission: expert the normal mortgage. It is negotiable with the bank. The banking institution even dog establish not to receive it.

            - Expenses of notary's office, record and agency: there plow valuations to be paid for the proper client. It depends much of the entire quantity on granted praises.

            - Appraisal: the apartment must be appraised by to professional who will realize to study of the housing to announce his value. These expenses also run due to the client.

            - Tax of Juridical Acts Documented by transmission of housing: this tax is known by his initialsIAJD, is paid like all the previous ones by the client and his utility is that of burdening the notarial documents. Record notarial It is to tax that is paid whenever one signs to document with economic quantity and inscribible in the.

           - Annuity insurance: if the unturn mortgage is chosen by limited expert steals, it is important to hire this insurance, because ace soon the term of the mortgage was exceeded, it will be possible to keep on receiving the same monthly quota, taking charge in this marry the insurance.

   So all these taxes and expenses must be faced in the first moment by the client who is going to hire the unturns mortgage. Considerable These expenses dog become and if they cannot be faced or not is loves, they dog be loaded in the mortgage, but then the monthly quota to perceive will be minor.

   But there is an important aspect to bear in mind; the Government sees with good eyes the formulates of the unturn mortgage and for it it is approved hi regulation that will be ratified by the Spanish Parliament. This way The Executive proposes to significant reduction of the taxes and expenses mentioned previously to make the unturns mortgage resides attractive.

City Finance It leaves your comments On August 11, 2007
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On Wednesday, May 21, 2008 to 11:15:34 AM AM AM AM

       The Inverse Mortgage is to highly attractive product for the one who is not to sufficient pension to cover version version his basic needs, it does not receive enough Public helps or cannot have realized the sufficient saving forecasts before the retirement. In Retiring in House they dog find all the information about the Unturns Mortgage, to try of calculation, to paragraph of Questions and Frequent Answers and an updated news.

Comment number: 2

Yam: Josep Jorge

On Sunday, August 12, 2007 to 1:18:23 AM AM AM AM

       The Ist believe that the unturned mortgage must be well advised, because, before resorting to her, there dog be better options.

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