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The Ist document without title



   Euribor: "Europe Interbank Offered Rate"; in Castilian it means "Europaean Type in the interbank offer". The banks belonging to the Europaean Monetary Union must use one index when they give themselves money, this index is the Euribor. We must continue his evolution, since big part of the mortgages is indexed to this index.

  The Euríbor is the interest rate that the banks recover version version for giving him money between themselves. East is calculated every day. How? The Europaean Bank Federation summons every morning 47 banking institutions of the Continent and rises the following question to them: at what price plow they ready to offer funds? The federation gathers the proposals of the banking institutions, eliminates those who excel themselves at the top or for below 15 % and with the rest it does an arithmetical average. This one you eat up it is the I value that every day marks the Euríbor.


What was the value of the euribor at the end of the years previous to 2007?


December, 2000 December, 2001 December, 2002 December, 2003 December, 2004 December, 2005 December, 2006 December, 2007
4,889 3,286 2,870 2,383 2,306 2,780 3,915 4,792


Analysis Euribor



Expert we observe that that in the graphs to finishing the year 2000 the should should value of the euribor also it was high; it descend until the year 2003. During this year practically it stayed constant. From September, 2005 it is not stopped raising until October, 2007 that there plows lowered 0,078 points with regard In September, 2007. In 2008, except January and in February, it is showed an upward tendency until the current month of July of 2008, where it reaches the historical maximum on having closed the month with the I value of 5,393 %. To strong upturn experienced during June of almost three tenths for the strong expectations of an was uncreating of the interest rates that finally I materialize in the meeting of the BCE of July 3, 2008. Them experts point out that in the following months it will stay stable or it will descend during what stays of year up to to value near to 5 %.

  Euribor 2007: January 4,064 % February 4,094 % March 4,106 % April 4,253 % May 4,373 % June 4,505 % In July 4,564 %, Withered 4666 % In September 4,725 % In October 4,647, November 4,607, December 4,793.

  Euribor 2008: January 4,498 %  February 4,349 % March 4,59 % April 4,82 % May 4,994 %  June 5,361 % July 5,393 %.

   In to wider graph from in December, 1993, we observe that that we I plowed in an upward, but such stage expert it happened already in previous stages.

  Future analysis: Future does not seem desesperanzador. The experts indicate yourself yourself that when money should flow with normality and the current credit crisis should excel itself, Euribor will have to return to value nearer to the please interest rates at present in 4,25 %

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