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International Monetary Fund (IMF)


International Monetary Fund (IMF)


Rodrigo RatoDominique Strauss-Kahn   The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an institution of cooperation that Hampshire, the United States was founded on July 22, 1944 in to convention of the United Nations Organization (UNO))) in Bretton Woods, New. Principal Sustentables takes the promotion of exchange polytics grasp global targets concentrated on his articles of association on to scale, to facilitate you you the international trade and to reduce the poverty.

   At present it is provided with 185 member countries and his head office is in Washignton D.C. His president is Rodrigo Rato, but it it will stop being very quickly, specifically October 31, 2007 and it will be re-please by the Frenchman Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

    Fundamental The mission of the IMF consists of avoiding economic crises in the monetary systems. For it I have advises or alenta to the countries to adopt correct economic measurements and to lead them to avoiding or overcoming possible difficulties or financial problems.

   But the first word of the yam of the institution, it is to Fund, and this is like that because it is to question of to resource to which there dog resort the member countries that need certain temporary financing to be able to balance his balance of payments. Also it tries to invigorate the international cooperation in international monetary topics and facilitate you you the movement of the commerce across the productive capacity.

   The countries join the IMF voluntarily and in fact it constitutes for them to wide forum in which they dog realize consultations, find out between them, take advice and be able to establish to balanced system of buy and goes out of your ow coins. Also this provides to them the advantage of being able to realize the payments in foreign currency to other countries without problems, rapidly and efficiently. Finally, the IMF, it constitutes to frame where it is encouraged and it is to question of establishing the fundamental conditions for the meeting of the economic stability. The member countries look for the common good of stimulating the economic growth inside to reasonable price stability and try to face his financial policies towards the attainment of these ends.



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The Eurogroup meets to face of form joined the crisis
Germany does not see positive that the BCE raises the interest rates
Pedro Solbes points out that Spain is far from an economic crisis
They raise the mortgages, raise the food, raise the fuels
The government will help in the enlargement of the term of the mortgage
The IMF glimpses to very negative economic horizon for Spain
The CNC opens sanctioning records against several food companies
Trichet removes the possibility of reducing the interest rates
Central principal The banks of the world will award liquidity
Visa wants to go out in bag
What is the OCDE?
The surplus of the Social security will be Superior to 8.000 million euros.
The sudden fall of the demand of the housing plows to close 40.000 obtain.
The Social Minister of Labour and Affairs speaks about the march of the economy and of the work
The inflation reaches 4,1 % of interannual change in November
The slowness valuation for stopping paying the quota of the mortgage you were uncreating.
The second consecutive descent of the Euribor. In November it lowers 4,607 % (2-12-07)


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