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City Finance. The CNC opens sanctioning records against several food companies. It leaves your comments...
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Trichet removes the possibility of reducing the interest rates


The CNC opens sanctioning records against several food companies


   The National Commission of the Competition (CNC) is to public organism that takes grasp to mission to guarantee, to preserves and to promote the existence of an effective competition on the markets of national ambience. Is must watch that there is fulfilled the Law of Defense of the Competition.

   If simultaneous prices you were uncreating will plows detected in certain product on the part of independent companies, the National Commission of the Competition dog suspect that there have existed implied or explicit agreements to raise the prices simultaneously, looking for the companies their own benefits and harming the consumers who see his reduced purchasing power. The CNC must act if is suspects that there is damaged the Law of Defense of the Competition. This is what happened in the middle of 2007, when you were uncreating of basic food were detected like the bread, the egg or the chicken, and that they caused, together with the oil prices climb, to strong it was uncreating of the inflation, with the consequent loss of purchasing power of the consumers.

   Investigations were started, there intervened denunciations of diverse associations of the consumer and news appeared in press announcing the you were uncreating of the prices.

    The National Commission of the Competition realized examinations to companies and associations of the food sector for the suspicions of existence of agreements to raise the prices. Now the CNC announces that immediately after the investigations and the denunciations of the consumers' associations it opens sanctioning records against several food companies. In this action of the CNC the declarations seem to be important carried out from the businessmen's associations of the sector in which they were announcing prices you were uncreating to themselves, since these communications might go against the Law of Defense of the Competition.


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The CNC opens sanctioning records against several food companies
Trichet removes the possibility of reducing the interest rates
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The second consecutive descent of the Euribor. In November it lowers 4,607 % (2-12-07)


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