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Information and advices in the acquisition of to housing







   To buy to house is to very important decision in our lives, is implies investing to considerable part of our economic resources and of course it goes to determines our life in many aspects. For it it is very important to commit the minibadly errors and to count safely and useful information in each of the steps. The hurries and precipitations plows usually very bad advisers. It is suitable to have patience and to act with intelligence. Real We must be very conscious of which there plows our needs and which plow our economic resources. Limits, possibilities and needs plows the concepts that resides we plow going to use in the important task of acquiring to housing.

    In to housing many aspects enter game and they all deserve to be value, since all of them will influence the final price and also they will have to direct relation in our quality of life when we plows installed in her. We must value the it pleases of the housing, typical of the area, shops and nearby shopping centers, the closeness or distance with our area pleases of work, quality of the facilities, if it is to question of to noisy, if it is surrounded with parks and gardens or is an area with many contamination... We will always have to look for the best balance between our desires and possibilities. Obviously there always exist houses of daydream where we will not lack of anything, but if we lucky plows not not to import by not means the expenses for ourselves, we will always have to be dependent on our financial resources and to try to find what you reside we like and what adapts itself economically to our needs.

    The easiest thing is that we have not all the money to be able to pay the housing and then debermos resort to the banking institutions and here to big number of factors enters game. The praises that they will want to grant to us will not be the same that the real price of the housing. The bank will be ordered by an assessor who will value the apartment and will prepare to report. The banking institution will check this report and of course it will offer us to mortgage praises for 80 % of the appraisal, although before certain circumstances it will be able to offer up to 100 %. Also it will check our financial resources and our indebtedness capacity. It will request us our payrolls. They will send to report to his risks head office and will verify that what we should pay to him monthly to the bank does not exceed 30 or 40 % of our uneats.

To look for apartment is not like going to buy to garment, we have to of our steals takes. Ideal Perhaps let's need of several weeks to find our house. We must bear in mind many factors and be provided with to lot of information. we have not to of getting tired of doing visits to housings, of coming to real you be obtain, of walking along the areas where we want to live if there plow cartels of salt of apartments, of reading magazines, announcements newspapers or of looking for information in Internet. To have good information will help us to realize the best election.

   We must bear in mind important factors like the state of the building and of his structures, antiquity, if it presents problems of moisture or of cracks. To know his history, if it have been rehabilitated or reinforced and if it you have to spend maintenance reviews. Also to know his facilities, electricity company, of gas, toilet, heating, plumbing, etc.

   We must realize to series of previous cross-checks before signing the contract. To verify in the Property docket that charges do not exist, and if it is not possible that these plows not important and that the seller is really the owner and that this one is paid the last receipt of urban contribution. In the Town entrance entrance hall we will verify that the housing expires with the Current Town-planning Plans and that it is not harmed by any town-planning project.

   The writing will be sent by to notary and it will be inscribed in the Property docket. The seller will present the writing of the housing that is going to sell us. The notary will send to buying and selling writing and will read us all the conditions agreed between the seller and the buyer. We dog do to the notary all the consultations that we consider and dog stop the reading o the writing in any moment for any clarification.

   These plows some important considerations, we must uses all our common sense, look for the best balance between desires and needs and be provided with the best possible information.

City Finance It leaves your comments On August 1, 2007
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On Sunday, February 10, 2008 to 4:52:18 AM AM AM PM

       The Ist dog make sure you that the apartments plows not going to go down, devote myself to it what it spends that I earlier was constructing buildings of 25 housings and now I do them of 12 housings, have less spend and win less but not that's why I am going to sell cheaper, alone that it was uncreating is not applied to him so much for the salt ace earlier, but if it was uncreating is applied to him, so the one that it wants buy that is useful unless it finds some cursory person and needs to sell much underneath of the current price.

Comment number: 11

Yam: angel

On Monday, August 27, 2007 to 7:57:09 AM AM AM PM

       To buy to him to new apartment it is necessary to think it very well, because the banks do not excuse, but you have stable work I veto forgetting and also although you have it equal you do not have to pay the quotas, because every steal they plow higher.

Comment number: 10

Yam: Gutis

On Monday, August 20, 2007 to 6:19:04 AM AM AM PM

       The Ist am arto of the euribor they plowed myself doing the mortgage to 0,65 not if it is dies or they I plows tangando since see for the his web hpiotecas for 0,35 k almost the half is not to flagstaff k point is true this you prop for aber had an apartment pekeño and to sell i for k my children have I will you reside space I compete not even ever pot for not type of subsidy since I am 37 years old have not right to life be always paying flagstaff k shoemaker dies of disgus your dead persons.

Comment number: 9

Yam: jose antonio

On Sunday, August 19, 2007 to 3:56:22 AM AM AM PM

       Principal The problem of the buy of housing is not the quality of the apartment, I have mortgages, ect. The most important thing is to see those who will be your neighbors, because they dog do the difficult life to you. And it is already not so easy to sell. Certainly, the truth is that money is not gained selling housings, everything takes ranch.

Comment number: 8

Yam: jesus hernandez

On Thursday, August 09, 2007 to 8:40:59 AM AM AM PM

       Real On the you be market they plow not going to sink

Comment number: 7

Yam: GiveLuisGarces

On Thursday, August 09, 2007 to 8:38:14 AM AM AM PM

       The Ist do not believe that it sinks, the apartments keep on rising, they will not win so much but they will keep on doing it.

Comment number: 6

Yam: García

On Thursday, August 09, 2007 to 8:17:40 AM AM AM PM

       Real Eel going shopping you be is going to sink of the pretty thing

Comment number: 5

Yam: Josep `Casanovas

On Monday, August 06, 2007 to 6:13:29 AM AM AM PM

       For me to buy to housing and to request to mortgage is to complicated task, but if you repent of your apartment you dog sell it for you reside I value, although this every steal is it resides difficult but it is still possible to do, because the housings keep on rising, not so much how earlier but they keep on rising, what not of to rise is the monthly quota for the mortgage, thanks to the fact that the euribor rises constantly.

Comment number: 4

Yam: entex

On Friday, August 03, 2007 to 8:01:11 AM AM AM PM

       It is difficult to buy to housing nowadays, they say that they plows going to go down, but the only thing that it spends is that it rises less fast, but it still rises much resides than the ipc, and how they rose already very much so...

Comment number: 2

Yam: Luisss

On Friday, August 03, 2007 to 0:37:18 AM AM PM PM

       The Ist bought to myself an apartment to few years ago and I go already paying money for him enough months. The bad thing is that when is buys it still they were haciendólo and when I saw it, I did not like, it seemed small to me and that does not fit to what I like. But now already this. If I had not rushed...

Comment number: 1

Yam: Juanix C.P.

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